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Payments through eCommerce give you a chance to stay in business while staying safe.

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Fygaro provides all the tools needed to run, automate and grow your business.

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Fygaro helps to boost your sales, facilitate invoicing, inventory control and much more.

All the key services are integrated and just one click away, from any device and place.


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Create eCommerce-ready websites in minutes. Choose from a variety of templates and make it your own!

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Join the thousands of businessmen and entrepreneurs from 18+ countries that have already taken the first step to growing their business with Fygaro.


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Meeting you, our thriving community!

In a joint effort to help SMEs with many private and public entities, we host events & trainings to help new businesses get started with eCommerce and help them grow.

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    DIGEPYME, Costa Rica
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    Costa Rica
  • DHL Express
  • RBC
  • Credicorp Bank

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